The Princess's Journal

Princess Saturn
21 January 1986
I like to watch anime and being with my good friends and watching movies and listening to music and reading and cooking.
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Aura the level 68 Lucario!

i'm in hufflepuff!

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I adopted a cute lil' dragon fetus
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I adopted a cute lil' kitty fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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my pet!

my pet!
ah my goddess, angelic layer, angels, animated mighty ducks, anime, anime conventions, astronomy, beaches, beatleborgs, bells, beyblade, black cats, bubbles, building big puzzles, butterflies, cardcaptor sakura, cartoons, cats, chobits, clouds, cooking, crash bandicoot, d&d, dark magician girl, darkness, designing/making costumes, digimon, digital art, dolphins, dragons, dreaming, dreams, egyptian, endangered species, escaflowne, fairies, fantasy, fantasy novels, fireworks, flowers, flying unicorns, full moons, gambit/storm, gamecube, gaming, glittery things, goddesses, griffins, gundam wing, halloween, hanging out with friends, harry potter(movies), hearts, heero, hope, horses, internet, inuyasha, ishizu ishtar, lava lamps, lavender, lightning, lord of the rings, magic, magic knight rayearth, manga, manta rays, mermaid melody, metabots, monster rancher, moonflowers, moonlight, moonlit glades, morning glories, mythology, natural disasters, nature, neopets, palm trees, peacocks, pegasuses, phoenixes, planet saturn, poetry, pokemon, power rangers, rain, rainbows, reading, role-playing, roses, roy mustang, sailor moon(all seasons), sailor saturn, sesshomaru, seto kaiba, severus snape, shadow the hedgehog, sharks, shells, shiny things, shopping, small soldiers(movie), sonic, space, spirits, spyro, star wars, stars, stingrays, storm-chasing, storms, stuffed animals, sunsets, swimming, swords, the beach, the elements, the ocean, thunderstorms, transformers(all seasons), twilight, unicorns, velociraptors, volcanoes, water, waterfalls, weather, wedding peach, white roses, wind chimes, wish, wisteria, wolf's rain, wolves, x-men, yu-gi-oh, zoids